I’ve been reminded again recently that for guys, sometimes you just need to talk with other guys. As much as I love Jieun and she’s my best friend and I want to talk about everything with her, there are times when I just need to talk to another guy. And I have no problem with that. Men and women are just different, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

I remember a friend was once having doubts about a person he was dating, saying how he can’t talk to her like he does his guy friends. I dunno, I think that’s fine. I think there are slightly different characteristics you want in a friend versus a mate. One thing I love about Jieun is that she’s feminine. I sure as heck don’t value that in friendship. So yeah, personally, I don’t think your mate should be exactly like your same gender friends.

I think that bothers Jieun sometimes, that I’m not like Karen. But someone just like Karen is gonna be a girl, and unfortunately, I’m a man.

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