I actually have no problem with “upper crust” sports fans. Most people in the U.S. would probably consider me and most of the people who read this page spoiled, privileged, upper crusters, with some merit, but I don’t think that makes anyone less true a sports fan. Nor do I think the “drunks” (as JR says) are necessarily true sports fans either.

To me it’s all about passion, that’s what I respect, that’s all that matters. So like, I respect Jack Nicholson as a sports fan. He’s ultra rich and sits courtside, but he’s clearly passionate and I’m down with that. What I’m against are people who go just because it’s the hip thing to do. Like celebs who go and don’t watch the game. Or the entire Pac Bell crowd. I have no problems with them being corporate types, it just bothers me that they’re not true sports fans, and all of a sudden with this new ballpark they get “into” it and get all the choice seats without paying their dues and without having previously really cared about sports. That bugs me.

But if they’re authentic passionate sports fans, even if the arena’s filled with corporate types, I’m down with that. As if anyone cares.

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