You like the horrid grammar in my last post? Last clause, not only do I have a dangling preposition (at), but it’s redundant to begin with. I suck at writing.

Went to a wedding yesterday, first Catholic wedding I remember going to, definitely the first one I’ve gone to with significant amounts of Latin chants. By significant, I mean at least 30 minutes throughout the mass. They printed the music in the program and the notes were square, with no meter or key indicated, like medieval style or something. Different, kind of cool.

As you may or may not know, I went to a Catholic high school and I respect Catholics a lot. That said, for myself, I realize I feel about Catholicism the same way Bruce Lee did about the various martial arts forms of his time – they solidify what was once fluid. Taking things that held life in them, like singing, the Eucharist, prayer, and formalizing them until they become just ritual. As Bruce criticized, they’ve become systems of forms, losing the power behind it. There’s still life in them but I feel like you have to search past the ritual to find it. I dunno. So like Martin Luther is the Bruce Lee and the Reformation the Jeet Kune Do of Christianity is how I see it. No one knows what I’m talking about.

What I love about non-Asian weddings is how people don’t need prodding to dance, there’s none of that lame Asian reservedness, grandparents and grandchildren alike all bust a move. They look goofy and lots of them clap on 1 and 3 but nobody cares. I like that. Too bad I can’t be that way. I sat firmly in my seat most of the reception. Even if I wanted to, it’s hard to get into their music. People were insanely into I Will Survive. What on earth?

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