Jieun met someone today and as they were exchanging info, the girl asked for Jieun’s e-mail and xanga. I dunno, that’s like a marker of a new era, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. It’s like the first time I heard “Dude, man” (Jay at a KFBC retreat. Prior to that, I had heard “dude” or “man”, never together. Since then I’ve heard it a lot.), the first time I saw the <blink> HTML tag (Netscape 1.1 had just come out, I was in Meyer, it was on this guy John, Korean guy in IV’s page) the first MP3 I heard (summer of ’97, Napster I don’t think existed yet, Eddie and I would search random Stanford network drives to find stuff). All of them signs of a new age.

Random fact: blogspot pages are all inaccessible in Korea. Reason I’ve heard is, someone posted the Sunil (same name as mine, btw) Kim beheading video on blogspot and they didn’t like it, something like that, so now you can’t read anything on blogspot.com here. I thought that was interesting.

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