Jieun’s mom likes me but I can’t get over the nagging suspicion that she’s ever so slightly disappointed that I’m not as good looking as her own sons. One of the first times we went down to LA after we started dating, she meets us and says, “Let’s go to the eyeglass store and afterwards we can go buy a back brace.” Reference to my dorky glasses and bad posture. I love Korean moms’ subtlety. They’re all like that. The very first time I met Dave Park’s mom like the second thing she says is, (in Korean) “Look David, he has bad posture too.” Good times.

In Korea, before meeting all of Jieun’s relatives she gives me a new haircut (which is totally not me) and new glasses. I dunno, I don’t see what’s wrong with my nerd style. If I could have my way, I’d still be wearing my huge nerdy glasses from high school. Those things gave me 180 degrees of focused vision. (SN, that’s the same beach we’ve been going to with Baylight the past couple years.)

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