I enjoyed the sermon at Roger and Sherrene’s wedding. SN. It’s interesting to me that almost all Indians in America give their kids Indian names, that most Koreans in America give their kids boring English names, and that many Chinese in America use interesting names. Sherrene, Rilene, Spencer, Eli, Elbert, Irving, Irwin, Swan. I dunno, Koreans generally don’t give names like that. Dunno why.

Anyway, the sermon was short and simple but good, I think. He talked about the characteristics of love in 1 Cor. 13, which is frequently used in wedding sermons as being keys to good marriages. He then talked about the fruit of the Spirit (SN. Arthur mentioned it to me years ago, and I’ve never forgotten, but yeah, it’s fruit of the Spirit, not fruits.) and how it’s very similar to those characteristics of love. So he makes the point that a key to a good Christian marriage is being filled with the Holy Spirit. Simple, but deep.

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