I’ll be angry if there’s an I-5 World Series. Just because people in L.A. don’t get into sports unless/until teams are doing well, then suddenly they’re fans. I find it ridiculous that they don’t have a football team, far and away the most popular sport in America today and they don’t even care about it. What kind of fans are that.

On the other hand, I’d kind of like to see what happens. They’re all bandwagoners. Bandwagoned the Dodgers when they were good, bandwagoned the Angels a few years back. If both teams made it who would they bandwagon? That would be fascinating.

I’ve noticed the guys at church using the word “jerk” a lot more. I’m wondering why that is. Personally, I picked it up from Minho, who says it a lot, not to describe other people, but in a self-flagellating way. I was using it hardcore during this one session of Halo. Playing Halo with Kenneth is about the most frustrating experience ever. The game has a full array of weapons to choose from and he goes around fisting you to death. Humiliating, infuriating. Anyway, I was throwing around “jerk” liberally that time and maybe it rubbed off, I dunno. I just think the way lingo spreads is interesting.

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