If you think that Democrats don’t force their moral imperatives on others, you’re absolutely delusional. CA just passed a bill sponsored by Speaker John Burton (D) that bans the production of foie gras in the state. Backed by various celebrities. Whether you think the production of foie gras is good or not you cannot argue that this is not an example of Democrats forcing their moral views upon others. They do it all the time.

There’s also that controversy about how religious groups are forced to pay for certain contraceptive procedures for their employees that they morally disagree with. Again, Democrats wanting to force their moral views, here, in regards to reproductive rights.

And of course there are moral issues that both Democrats and Republicans are comfortable “forcing” upon people in regards to stuff like prostitution, incest, gambling, drug use, etc., even when they’re between mutually consenting adults and don’t “hurt” anyone. Point is, Democrats certainly force their moral views upon people all the time, to deny that is to deny reality. So the choice between Rep./Dem. is not a question of whether government should “force” its moral views or not. It’s just a question of which moral views should be forced.

I guess I just toe the line more towards government involvement on the issues I think are significant rather than no involvement. The government is likely to make mistakes in its moral judgment. But left to make their own moral decisions, I think society is *certain* to go the wrong way. I suppose I’m more cynical than Dave is on this. And this is actually a recent development, I used to think keep the government the heck out and just focus on winning souls, but recent readings have made me reconsider. Maybe I’ll switch again, I’m open. But yeah, my concern is that leaving everyone to their own moral devices will harm society, and even worse, that it’s rubbing off on Christians, the idea that everyone’s sense of morality is equally valid.

And Biblically, I don’t think people making their own moral decisions is a value. I’m actually very inclined to say (though not certain) that it’s anti-Biblical. When the phrase “everyone did what was right in their own eyes” is used in Scripture, it’s a description of something bad. And I’m not sure if Scripture says that individuals are capable of making their own moral choices. It might in fact say the opposite. So convince me why civil “liberties” as it applies to individual moral decision making is a Biblical value, because that’s important to me. Civil rights certainly are. But people deciding for themselves what is moral I’m inclined to think is anti-Biblical. Although I’m willing to hear how I’m wrong.

I think I’ve angered everyone now, everyone thinks I’m wrong about everything. And I probably am. Don’t worry, I change my views a lot the more I read and think, because I definitely don’t have all the answers.

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