For balance should I say what I don’t like about Kerry? Basically, there’s nothing about him to like, nothing appealing. He’s not particularly charismatic. Don’t jive with his views. Seems more ambitious than principled, more calculating than sincere. I was actually surprised that he won the nomination, I don’t really see what the draw is. I actually find John Edwards – a trial lawyer for goodness sake – much more appealing. Egad.

So Jieun and I voted this week. All the experts have said there may be problems in CA with the new touch screen voting and they recommended voting by absentee ballots so we did.

In other news, you know why I’m glad the Red Sox won? Besides the fact that they beat the Yankees, which is always a cause for celebration. I’m glad because hopefully they’ll finally stop their whining about the curse and 1918 and going lifetimes without seeing their team win. What a bunch of whiners. The Cubs and White Sox haven’t won a World Series since before the Red Sox last won, and you don’t hear them whining nearly as much. Hopefully now Red Sox fans will just shut up.

In other other news, the Sports Guy reported this, but apparently Jack Nicholson is both a Lakers fan and a Yankees fan. I’m pretty sure this means he has no soul.

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