Pastor Mike gave a great sermon on Sunday about money. The gist being, what we do with money reflects how we view God. If we see God as demanding and taking, we tend to be greedy, wanting to keep as much as we can for ourselves. If we see God as giving, we tend to be generous and giving. We shouldn’t just do the right things with our money, we should worship God in the right way. It was interesting. And challenging.

My goal with money has long been, be stingy with myself, be generous with others. But that’s really hard. When I’m super stingy and cheap with myself, it’s really difficult to not be similarly stingy and ungiving to others. When I’m super generous to others, it’s hard not to be similarly self-indulgent. I don’t know how possible the goal is, but it’s still my goal.

In related news, we just got this new American Express / Costco co-branded credit card and I’m fairly excited about it. You get 3% off all restaurants. Even take-out. 3%! 2% off all travel related expenses. 1% off everything else. No annual fee. Incredible.

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