I’m grateful that Jieun and I are both night people. I’ve heard that it can be a problem when spouses are opposites. But we’re both totally night people, totally not morning people. It’s not uncommon for us to start our Saturdays at noon. Of course, this is after staying up until 4 the night previous watching multiple episodes of 24 Season Two (MUCH better than season one). Anyway, it’s a good thing we match.

We’re also suburbanites. Suburbicide, my old boss used to call it. It’s nice to visit the city, but I’d go crazy I think if I lived there. I think it’s awesome how Cindy and Sinc moved to the city. They wanted to do it, and they did it. That’s cool. Us though, we’re too boring for the city. Other people like the activity, the excitement, the aliveness. Us, or at least me, I value calmness. Stability. Peace. Parking spaces. Just different strokes. Luckily, Jieun and I are alike in this way.