Hazel and Phinnaeus?? Cuckoo.

Jieun said something to me recently that made me happy. The gist of it was, she realizes that I’m a simple person. And I am! Hearing her say that makes me happy because it feels like she truly knows me. I have no idea why people attribute complexity to me where there is none. I think maybe people assume intelligence requires complexity, that complexity is a necessary sign of that. But it’s not. Complexity is just a sign of complexity, nothing more.

I read about this effect in film that directors often use. If you make an actor display a neutral expression, and then pull the camera in tight to the face and hold it, audiences attribute complex thoughts, motives, and feelings to the face even though there’s none. This effect was used most extremely in Cast Away, where lots of people felt as if Wilson displayed emotion and feeling when it’s nothing more than Zemeckis filming a close-up of a volleyball. It’s an interesting effect. Anyway, rest assured – that blank stare on my face is not a sign of something deep or ponderous behind it. It’s just a blank stare. If I’m thinking or feeling something, you’ll most likely know it. I’m simple like that.