My 3 favorite writers purely in terms of writing ability, not on subject matter, on jack.html, in no particular order: sugarshock, Scott, and Wong. Unfortunately, Wong and Scott are both insane. Why God bestows so much talent on the crazy is beyond me.

SN. California Love is my favorite rap song of all time. By far. Second is Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems.

I’m at a quandary about what to do with Alias. I like watching shows in a big burst, like a whole season over the course of 3 weeks, instead of waiting for a new show each week. Especially with shows like Alias, which ends on a cliffhanger virtually every episode. I’ve been doing this with every season of Alias so far, first 2 seasons of 24, first season of Apprentice, every season of Sopranos. So I’m thinking of waiting until the entire season of Alias is over before watching any of it, then I can watch them all in a week. But I dunno if I can wait that long. And apparently, they’re showing a new episode each week this season, no waits or repeats. We’ll see.