You know what phrase I hate more and more the older I get? “Keeping it real.” I hate it because people say it as if there’s something good about it, when the vast majority of the time, it’s just a front for pure selfishness. Only rarely does someone who’s “keeping it real” have problems being too influenced by other people. Usually, when someone says this, they’re really saying, I care most about myself, so I’m just going to be however I want and screw what anyone else thinks. Selfishness and pride. Wholly anti-Scriptural. There’s nothing noble about it.

Not to mention, like I’ve said countless times before, keeping it “real” should refer to what you believe you can/should be. What you aspire to, what you think your potential is. But most people refer to it as they are now. No desire to be transformed (by God or otherwise) into something better. Just giving in to their most base nature. So “keeping it real” means being too lazy to let God make them better than they are. That’s why that phrase, 85% of the time, pisses me off. Way to be proud, selfish, and lazy.

Nice grace-filled entry.

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