Few things in life intimidate me as much as the toothpaste aisle at the supermarket. Tartar control, cavity protection, whitening, baking soda, peroxide, mouthwash… aaah! Can I just get “toothpaste”? Does such a thing exist anymore?

Actually, the yogurt aisle is getting pretty hairy now also. Whole milk yogurt, nonfat, lowfat, smoothie, custard style, mousse, drinkable, healthy heart. What the heck is heathy heart yogurt? Even among “normal yogurt” they have like a trillion flavors. What happened to the days of normal fruit flavors?

I think this evening a kid from church accidentally called our phone. When I answered, all I heard was background noise and a parent saying “<kid’s name>, don’t wipe your food on daddy’s clothes.” The joys of parenthood. Can’t wait.

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