Woohoo! Remember that free iPod thing I was hawking a while back? Took some time but I finally got the free iPod! Free! Thanks to JR, Andy, Henry, Eric, and the other people I can’t remember for using me as a referral. I can’t get another one so if you’re interested in doing it, maybe you can help JR out. http://www.freeipods.com/?r=9414611

There are related free sites also. Anyone interested in getting a free iPod Shuffle? It’s obviously legit, and it only takes 3 referrals so it’s definitely doable. Here’s the process:

    • Create a new email account – I recommend against using Hotmail, as there seem to be problems verifying it. You shouldn’t really get spam but you know, just in case.
    • Signup at http://www.FreeiPodShuffle.com/?r=15515938 – (the requirements are the same whether you go through a referral link or not, so help a brother out and go through the link.) You’ll go through a few pages of offers, just click no on all of them.
    • Fulfill one of the offers – I recommend the Complete Home offer. $1 gets you a $20 Lowe’s gift certificate, no more obligation. Just make sure you cancel in 30 days.
    • Get 3 friends to do the same thing

Easy, and free. Yes, I am a consumer whore. But free! (Well, virtually free.)

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