I’m honestly not that upset about Stanford losing in the first round. We overachieved to even get to that point. We have no one that can penetrate and no one that can shoot. So we’re weak both inside and out. We also have poor rebounding, and only 8 scholarship players. Taken in perspective, it’s a miracle we won 18 games and got an 8 seed. So yeah, even with the first round loss, I’m fairly proud of the team.

Here’s another relationship observation, maybe it’s obvious, maybe not. But while persistence on a guy’s part can sometimes win a girl over, the reverse is never true. Guys pretty much know right from the beginning whether a possibility exists on their part with a girl. Not that there’s necessarily attraction at that point. Just whether there’s a possibility. And if there’s not, no amount of cajoling, time, prayer, or anything is going to change that. So I think guys being persistent is sometimes unwise. Girls being persistent is always pointless. And that’s my claim.

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