I can’t believe how pro-evangelical Christianity this week’s Newsweek is. The feature article on Jesus concludes that the most logical and likely explanation based on historical evidence is that Jesus actually rose from the dead. Amazing. Also includes an article about that woman who was kidnapped by the guy who shot the judge and others, how she was able to reach out to the guy through principles in Purpose Driven Life. Another article goes out of its way to mention how a fund started for these Iraqi orphans was initiated by an evangelical Christian. All in all, pretty much the most positive picture of Christianity by the mainstream press I’ve seen in a long time.

My brother in law gave an interesting speech at my niece’s first birthday today, about how he’s coming to understand the unconditional love of God more now that he’s a father. Ellie can do all these awful things, but no matter what she does, he still sees her as cute. And loves her.

That’s the message of Easter, I guess. Thanks to Jesus, no matter what we’ve done and what we do, God looks upon us as good. Good times. Happy Easter.

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