Do gays in relationships have the same issues of miscommunication as in straight ones?

The thing for me is that I’m attracted to things in Jieun that make her a woman, different from me. I love her femininity. But these same differences that I love necessarily make us misunderstand each other. That’s what differences do. I can’t get my head around this. Why’s it have to be this way? What I desire (the differences) requires that we have misunderstanding and conflict. If I wasn’t attracted to the differences, I’d be gay. If we perfectly understood each other, either she’d be masculine or I’d be feminine, and either way I wouldn’t be attracted to her. Such an odd situation.

Anyway, media notes.

I literally can’t understand how anyone doesn’t love Elliott Smith’s XO. It’s objectively one of the finest albums ever made. Great musicality, interesting production, and amazing, haunting lyrics. And clearly (and sadly) authentic. The man killed himself by stabbing himself in the chest. The depth of his emotion was clearly profound. It’s an incredible, haunting album.

I really dig Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane also. First song I heard from them (Harder To Breathe) I hated, but the album is actually sublime.

Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American is more inconsistent. The Middle is one of my favorite songs ever, but the album overall is just OK.

Also realizing that I like Abba much less than I like Roxette and Ace of Base.

And Collateral was a really good movie. It captures the feel of LA. Which is: soulless.

Was there insightful at all? Does anyone even care what I think about music/movies?


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