I think I’m bothered most in life by illogic. Drives me crazy like nothing else. The summer I worked at Great America, they would sometimes switch me from the hot dog booth for variety, and one day I was manning the Chinese food place. So I don’t remember the details, but basically the place sold 3 items, let’s say it was (it was something else, but you’ll catch my point) pork eggrolls, veggie eggrolls, and combo, each of which came with fried rice and fortune cookie, something like that. All the options were the same price.

Here’s the thing. The manager instructed us to give out 2 eggrolls for the pork or veggie options. Logic indicates that for the combo, being the same price, we should also give out the same total number of eggrolls, just one of each. But the manager insisted that it the combo consisted of 2 of each, for a total of 4. This made no sense, but he wouldn’t budge no matter how much I argued with him. Drove me crazy. Somewhere down the line, some manager had made a mistake and it was being perpetuated without any thought, reason, or logic, and it drove me bonkers. I’m still frustrated by this when I think about it. All about some stupid eggrolls. Or whatever they were.

SN. This suggests you should always get the combo from the Chinese place at Great America, but it’s not there anymore. I checked the last time I was there.

Anyway, that’s why I’m super stubborn about never leaving eProps. The illogic of it all drives me mad. The question mark next to “Give eProps” says to “reserve a double dose for exceptional posts.” But then, by default, it’s set at 2 eProps. Makes zero sense. Therefore, I will be stubborn until the day I die about not leaving eProps ever.

Hmm, getting frustrated over eggrolls and eProps. I’ve got issues.