More things that annoy me.

I think I’ve mentioned this before. But it drives me crazy when people (primarily in Christian music, even more so in worship music) sing “you” like “yew” instead of “yoo”. What the heck is that? I mean, really.

At work, there’s a roasted sandwich station with 3 choices that rotate weekly, and they always name them with random, utterly unhelpful names. This week’s theme is baseball players, so the choices are “Ty Cobb”, “Sammy Sosa”, and “Willy Mays”.

This annoyed me. Why on earth these 3 players? What’s the connection? Why honor Ty Cobb with a sandwich, a guy who by all accounts was a huge jerk? Why the *heck* honor Sammy Sosa, a man who probably used steroids and conveniently forgets English when questioned? Mays is really the only one worth honoring, and then they go out and misspell his name. Sigh.

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