It’s insane how many pictures we take. All I can say is, our kids’ wedding slideshows are going to be amazing. Unfortunately, they will be 3 hours long.

I did get to do some experimenting with Ellie while she was here. As my sister mentioned, I setup a test of her supposed incredible memory, telling her that I’ll buy her a bike when she turns 5 (she’s 2½). I highly doubt she’ll remember that in 2009. But if she does, she deserves it, and I’d be happy to buy her one.

Peter followed up by promising to buy her a car when she’s 16. I then asked her if she’d rather have a car or a Care Bear. Of course she responded with a Care Bear. So I promised her a Care Bear when she turns 16. Now she thinks I give better presents than her dad. And if she somehow happens to remember when she’s 16, it only costs me a Care Bear.

I also did further experimentation with her sense of humor. As before, in accordance with my maturity, it centered around the word “buttcrack”, which was always good for a laugh. What I wanted to see was how quickly I could get to the punchline and still have it be effective. For example, I told her a story: “Once upon a time, buttcrack. The end.” No go; no laughs, at least on her end. So some sort of context was fairly important.

I also got her to refer to me as “Uncle Buttcrack”. Jieun was completely appalled; apparently she had an Uncle Fart growing up, and she decidedly does not want me to be that uncle. I get the message; I won’t persist with it. But every time Ellie said it, she laughed. And that warms Uncle Buttcrack’s heart right good.

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