A few months ago, Jieun changed up how she prays with Abby at night, spending 10 seconds every night listening to God. I don’t train her in that, for the same reason I don’t teach her Korean, but I wholly applaud it – the sooner kids learn that prayer goes 2 ways, the better.

That said, I’m naturally skeptical by nature, and I was skeptical of this as well. Not that it’s impossible for God to talk to a 3-year-old. Just how probable it is that a 3-year-old has the discernment to accurately hear God’s voice. Even Samuel, as a teenager, had trouble understanding when God was talking to him without training.

Early on, Jieun asked Abby if she heard God speaking to her. And she responded, “I think God wants me to not throw tantrums.” Hmm. Is this from God? Hard to say for certain. But I’d argue that the message is definitely godly. So who am I to argue.

Recently though, when I do bedtime with her and ask her if God said anything, her answers have been more perplexing. “God said that I’m getting bigger.” “God said that I know a lot of God songs.” So still skeptical. But I do think it’s a good thing.

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