I recently got a zit right in the crevice where the nose meets the cheek, a near impossible location to pop. It depresses me that I still get zits in my advanced age. My parents each claim that they’ve never gotten a pimple before. I have no reason to doubt them; in all my life, I’ve never seen them sporting one. But even with their genes on my side, I’m still getting zits in my mid-30s. It sucks. Not that I have a right to complain. I never wash my face with cleanser and I’m about to have a snack of fried cheddar cheese and black pepper french fries. You reap what you sow.

A recap of the most inconvenient places to get a zit that I have had:

  • The nose/cheek crevice I just mentioned.
  • The ear canal. I got this one a few weeks ago also. How do you pop that? You can squeeze out, you have to try to push on it, which I did to the point of tears, but no popping.
  • Inside the eyelid. Oh man. Always there, always annoying you every time you blink.
  • On the butt. So it hurts every time you sit down. Terrible.
  • In the butt. Uh, won’t elaborate. But it sucks.

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