Random stat from Christianity Today – Growth in size of the main courses depicted in Last Supper paintings between years 1000 and 2000: 69%

Growth in size of the bread: 23%

Abby recently made name tags for everyone in small group before they came. Her name tag read “Disney Princess”.

I’ve started to make up bedtime stories for Abby. They’re all similar, involving the Chai Royal Family on a quest to do something or other, and along the way they have to pass tasks by showing how they can share with others, or love each other, or stuff like that. It’s my way of getting her to think for herself how she can treat others better. It doesn’t work.

Anyway, in a recent story, the Chai Royal Family’s quest was to recover their friend Ariel the Mermaid’s 3 lost items: a dinglehopper, a Prince Eric statue, and a snarfblatt. Abby requested that we change the last item to an iPad. Kids these days.

Certain Laker fans continue to drive me nuts, in particular the ones who say that Kobe is clearly better than LeBron because of his superior performance in the playoffs and how far his teams go.

Look, everyone (including me) respects Kobe, his game, his preparation, his devotion to his craft. It’s all about winning championships, and he has 4 rings. He’s one of the best players ever. But it’s unfair to say Kobe and LeBron’s teams’ performances are a direct reflection on them. As every rational NBA commentator consistently points out, Kobe has a far better supporting cast than LeBron does. And that matters.

Certain Kobe fanboys say that that’s just an excuse for LeBron. But it’s not. Kobe would not have done any better were he in LeBron’s situation. And that’s not just speculation; Kobe was in the exact same position in 2004-2007, an awesome player on a mediocre team. In those 3 seasons, the Lakers missed the playoffs (tied with the Warriors for last place in the Pacific) and lost in the first round twice. His supporting cast in those seasons were comparable to what LeBron has now, probably better. I’d argue that Odom then was better than anyone on the current Cavs team. And they went nowhere. So spare me the LeBron isn’t as good as Kobe because he can’t carry a team in the playoffs by himself. Empirically, Kobe didn’t either. In fact, he did far worse. For the record, neither did Michael.

Dave’s post made me wonder when I started hating the Lakers, because I didn’t always. I liked them a lot in the 80s. I’m with him – I think a lot of it started when I first encountered LA-centricism in college, people who act like LA (and LA sports) is the center of the universe. Newsflash – it’s not. Unless that universe is hell.

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