I had a dream the other night where dh hong laid hands on me (in the church way) and I started speaking in tongues. A really weird dream, first because I rarely remember my dreams but this one was incredibly vivid. Second because I’ve never spoken in tongues in real life before. In the dream, it felt like I feel when I cry, my body having this involuntary reaction I can’t control.

I’ve been chewing on this ever since trying to figure out if it means anything, and if so, what it means. Likely nothing. But is there any real difference if you pray in a dream versus praying in real life if you were intentional about it? Does it even matter that it wasn’t real?

I’ve never figured out what tongues are about. I was surrounded by it growing up, but never personally experienced it. Neither has my dad. He once said he thought it was for encouragement, and that those who didn’t need it didn’t get it. Kind of makes sense, but to me that doesn’t explain why Paul would speak in tongues more than anyone else he knew. In short, no clue what it’s about. And despite my wanting to for a long time, and various authority figures encouraging me to, it’s never happened to me.

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