Remember, remember, the 5th of November. That’s a reference to Guy Fawkes Day, something I knew almost nothing about save that it inspired the masks in V For Vendetta. But I hear the name of the holiday, and I think it’s celebrating Guy Fawkes. It’s actually the opposite – it celebrates the *stopping* of Guy Fawkes, and celebrations of the day have included burning Guy Fawkes in effigy at local bonfires.

Umm. That strikes me as a bit… vengeful. It would be like having Benedict Arnold Day in the US. Isn’t that a little immature? You already stopped the guy, why pile it on forever?

Anyway, Guy Fawkes Day is apparently the equivalent of July 4th in the sense that that’s when they do fireworks (as well as bonfires in some places, as mentioned). It’s crazy – even Sainsbury’s sells fireworks (that’s like Safeway selling them). Even in Texas, you have to leave Houston city limits to get fireworks on July 4th. Here, anything goes. And people were setting off fireworks all weekend. It’s actually pretty annoying.

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