I haven’t had eggnog here. All the holiday parties at home had it; not here (there is, however, a lot of mulled wine). Although Starbucks does have seasonal eggnog-flavored drinks. Also toffee nut and gingerbread. But no pumpkin anything. I think that’s affected how much it feels like Christmas (to me, it hasn’t really). I think at some subconscious level, I associate certain smells with the holiday season, and not having that (pumpkin) has some effect. Or maybe not. But regardless, it’s weird not having pumpkin-flavored things anywhere.

KFC here does not have mashed potatoes nor gravy, which is just completely wrong – that’s perhaps the best part of a KFC meal in the US. They do have baked beans. But it’s not the same. Not even close.

For some reason, they redub certain kids’ TV shows already in English with British accents. Like Blue’s Clues has a totally different British guy host. Super Why and Little Einsteins are 2 shows that are redubbed with British voices. I find it oddly funny to watch.

I forgot to mention the main point of the sick thing. I wrote before about how the realization that I have a big nose was mind-blowing. I’ve come to a different realization recently: I’m not a healthy person. I’d always thought of myself as being above-average in terms of health, since I’m skinny and don’t have high blood pressure or cholesterol. In reality, I’ve had various health issues for a while. Back pain. Repeated sicknesses. Being out of shape. Losing my hearing. Jieun made this point to me: I’m sickly. And she’s right. Kind of sad to realize, but it’s true.

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