I thought Carolyn Cline came across well when being interviewed on Fresh Air the other day. I love Terry Gross, but one thing that drives me crazy about her is that she’s so virulently against Christians who are pro-life or opposed to gay marriage. I’m not as pro-life or against gay marriage as many Christians, so it’s not that I feel personally offended. It’s just that she’s so strident and unfair about it. What’s worse, she’ll wrap it in a veneer of balance. This particular show started with an outspoken pro-choice author and the interview was extremely sympathetic. Then it went to the pro-life interview, and it was interrogative and accusatory.

We’re all biased in some way, and it’s her show, so I don’t begrudge her right to interview whoever she wants. I just wish she would drop the charade in pretending she’s giving her Christian interviews a fair chance to respond. Just don’t even bother having them on at all, and acknowledge her bias. She pretty much hates Christians. That’s fine; just own up to it.

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