One reason I’m really glad we did this temporary move is that moving forces me to consider what’s essential in my life in many different aspects. Like with belongings. Before the move, we had to figure out what we’re going to take with us and what we’re going to put in storage. That’s kind of an implicit judgment on what’s essential for our living and what’s not. It turns out there’s very little that’s essential, especially in regards to kids’ toys. They’re a lot more resourceful about playing with few / different things than I anticipated.

This move has made me think a lot about my faith as well. I’ve realized that a lot of my spirituality was based on inertia, doing things simply because I have been doing them, by habit. Moving took me out of my routine, and it’s forced me to consider what’s essential about my faith, both in terms of what I need and what’s important enough to me to keep going.

On the second front, honestly, it’s been disappointing. For whatever reason, praying and spending time in the Word has been much more difficult here. I’d have liked to think that those spiritual disciplines are essential to who I am, a constant in my life no matter where I am and what I’m doing, but this move has revealed they’re not. It’s been a battle to get those things going with any consistency.

I’ve also realized / confirmed that small groups are essential for my spiritual health. I have no idea how people who only attend church on Sunday grow spiritually. For me, I feel unfed, even alone, unless I’m really plugged into a small group. Jieun and I have made a really deliberate effort to get “involved” at our church here, but at least for me, I didn’t feel quite right until we joined our small group. Having that community is pretty essential to the health of my spiritual life.

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