My travel in the past 6 weeks: STN -> NCE -> GTW, GTW -> BCN -> GTW, LHR -> LAX -> SFO -> SEA -> SFO -> LHR, LHR -> IAH -> LHR. I’m completely exhausted.

I hate it when I need to fart on a plane. It feels rude to do it in a packed place next to people I don’t know. But when I try to go to the toilet to do it, for some reason, the shifting of body position makes it so that I don’t need to anymore. I’d have to wait 5-10 minutes to get the fart back, but occupying one of the few toilets to do that seems also rude. I usually end up holding it, which according to Eddie is unhealthy, but that’s what I do. I kind of suspect that it slips out when I’m asleep, but at least then I’m not conscious to be embarrassed. And I don’t know whether it’s airplane food, the low air pressure in the cabin or what, but I almost always get gas on a plane, while I rarely do in grounded life. It’s annoying.

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