Abby’s starting to reach an age where she has questions about faith. And I’m not quite sure how to address them.

The other night, she asked about how she can figure out if God is real, or if He’s not real, or if some other belief is true. I’m not aware of anyone else in her class being Christian, and her best friend’s family is atheist. If she were older, I would have went with an apologetics approach, about how history and (in my opinion) logic testify to the truth of the Gospel. That’s just how I tend to think myself – I think I’m unusual in that my faith has always been stronger in my head than in my heart. But that doesn’t work at all on someone so young. In the end, I went with sincerely asking that the Lord speak to her heart. And she’s been actively pursuing that. There was no children’s program on Sunday so they were in the main service, and when at the end our vicar asked if anyone is waiting for something and wanted prayer, Abby went to the front and received prayer to hear God’s voice.

I hope that works. But curious how other parents approach their kids’ questions like these.

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