Well here I am in Houston, Texas, home of the World Champion Houston Rockets, at 1:10 in the morning. It’s been a good vacation. Lots of rest. Like tons. The night after I got back I slept for 20 straight hours. Contemplate that for a second. Then every night since, I’ve slept at least 12 hours a night. That’s a lot of sleep, and let me tell you, it takes a certain amount of discipline to sleep that much. Oh and I also got sick with the flu, and that helped.

Anyway, since I was sick, I had to go to the doctor (and also to check on my nagging cough, which I’ve had for over 2 months now). Anyway, he decides it’s probably nothing, but just in case, he says let’s run some tests. I say, Ok, that can’t be too bad. But what the heck? The chest X-Ray was alright, but then I go to the drawing laboratory, and the nurse takes out five vials. Five Vials? How many blood tests can there possibly be? OK, I realize I’m whining, but it hurts when they have to pop the cannisters off and on.

You know, David Spade isn’t funny at all. Just annoying. It’s like a friend of mine once got this bug stuck in his eylid, and he couldn’t get it out becuase, you know, how do you poke around your own eye? and it was really deep in there but was still alive, so he was going crazy with this bug buzzing around in his eye. That’s David Spade.

So my friend is at the Huntsville bus station, about to get a ride back to Houston. Anyway, there’s a bunch of men there, and the odd thing is, they’re all wearing the same white outfits, like they’re waiters or something. And my friends think it’s odd, but not much else. So they go, and they’re worried, because she has to get back to catch a ride, and they’re like all these people there. Anyway, they go up, and they’re all, no problem, go in front, yadda yadda, and they don’t seem to care too much. And one guy goes, “Heck, I’ve been waiting 13 years; what’s a few more minutes?” So this confuses my friends. Well they make small talk, and after a while, one asks, “So what club do y’all belong to?” And they’re all, “Oh us? We just got out of prison.” Ok, that’s a lame ending to the story, but I thought it was mildly amusing. Ok, maybe it wasn’t. Dave Hong would laugh, you know.

Why is it called a guinea pig, anyway? I wish I knew where that came from.

OK, so this vacation I’ve been learning a bunch of songs on both piano and guitar. Anyway, I want to learn to play Lady in Red. But how do I manage to keep the sensual feeling of the song without the synthesizer back? Is it even possible? Hmmm…

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