Well here I am back at Stanford. I’m in my drawmate Irwin’s room, using his Power Macintosh 7100/66.

It’s been weird to be back. You know, every time I go to another place, I always miss the place where I just was. Like I missed Korea when I got back to the U.S., missed Stanford when I went home, and right now I really miss Houston. I don’t know why. Just a transitory thing, I guess.

Anyway, I had to pick up my CS106A final in the new Gates CS building. That’s after Bill Gates, for those who don’t know. $38.4 million building. Anyway, I liked the way that sounded. The Gates building. You know, I wonder if I were to give a bunch of money, what would I want named after me? The Chai Symbolic Systems Building? How about the Chai Arcade? Yeah, I kind of like that. The Chai arcade. Just down the street from the Gates building.

Speaking of arcades, why is the Stanford arcade so shabby? Like, this is a world class institution. We deserve better. I mean, at Berkeley, they have the Underground: it’s famous; the place where legends are born; where good and evil men are made and die. Why can’t we have that? Doesn’t Tresidder management realize that there are so many people around her who want to waste their time and money on video games? They could be making a ton of money, if they would just open their eyes. Man, if I was in charge, I would revolutionize the business there. Get good games, for cheap. That will bring people just by word of mouth; I guarantee it. The next thing is to change the ambience. It’s a big deal at arcades. You gotta have a slightly dark, moody place. It’s gotta be serious. I think carpeting is preferable. And a couch would be good. Man, I could make a ton of money at that place. I understand the video gamer’s mind, you see.

Why is it called a guinea pig, anyway? I wish I knew where that came from. They are neither from Guinea, nor are they pigs. Talk about random. It’s kind of like Stern Food Service, ay? Just a random juxtaposition of words.

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