Freshman year, I took this class called Symbolic Systems Forum. It really was a great class. First of all, they gave free food. Second of all, I got quite a bit of homework done in it. Finally, and most importantly, it gave me the inspiration to become a symbolic systems major (an interdisciplinary major involving Computer Science, Philosophy, Psychology, and Linguistics) with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence. My dream is to become a professor of Symbolic Systems. Some day, students at Stanford University will go to class in the Chai Symbolic Systems Exposition. They will say, “my class meets in Chai 227.” Did you know that Chai means tea in over 7 different languages?

Anyway, the day I will never forget of this Forum was when this one guy talked. It was funny to me because he looked to me like Nick Nolte. And he had this ponytail, so he looked like Nick Nolte in Merchant-Ivory’s “Jefferson in Paris” which I haven’t seen but saw ads for. So it amused me that Nick Nolte was talking to me about something I really didn’t care about. Then the greatest thing was then this other guy in the Forum started arguing with this guy. He was brutal. He wouldn’t let up and just let the guy finish his presentation. No, he hammered away. It was great. It was like intellectual boxing. The best part was, he looked just like Francis Ford Coppola. I thought that was great, Nick Nolte (playing Thomas Jefferson) vs. Francis Ford Coppola.

They wouldn’t have stopped except this other guy kind of helped mediate. He’s this Dutch guy who teaches at Stanford only Spring quarters. The remarkable thing about this guy is the size of his forearms. Totally not proportional to the rest of his body. He looked kind of like Popeye. It was Nick Nolte (as Jefferson) versus Francis Ford Coppola, ref’d by Popeye, with a European accent.

So why was Olive Oyl so popular with the guys? Explain that to me.

Hey, wasn’t there a movie called Popeye with Robin Williams? Whatever happened to that? Come to think of it, he bombed in Hook, too, where he played Peter Pan. I guess the moral of the story is don’t let Robin Williams portray popular cartoon characters.

And what’s the deal with live action cartoon movies, anyway?

Except what would be cool is Robotech movies. Every time I read the book, I think about who should play what role if it were made into a movie. I think Leonardo Di Cappricio (is that spelled right?) should play Rick Hunter.

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