You know what disturbs me? The church is supposedly supposed to be different from the world, but so often it seems like the same rules apply for both. You know what I’m saying? Like, in the world, to be cool, whatever that means, you have to have certain qualities, like good looks, or the right clothes, or a certain personality, you know? To fit in. Otherwise you’re a loser. But you know, the refreshing thing about Jesus is that he basically ditches all that stuff and goes to all the losers in society. They probably didn’t look good, or dress right or have all these social skills (that’s my guess at least) but he hung out with them, and accepted them and to him, I think, they were cool enough.

You know? We should be like that, right? But really, that doesn’t happen. Really, the same rules apply, and to be accepted or (the next step) a leader in some church or Christian fellowship, you gotta have the same things. Honestly. The right sociable personality. The right clothes, too. Even looks, if you think about it deeply. Anyway, that disturbs me.

I look around, and see that the same characteristics that get you accepted in the world get you accepted in the church. I mean, there are differences, but a lot (too much) of it is the same. You know? I just don’t understand. Maybe it’s just a reality thing, but it seems wrong to me.

Actually, I wouldn’t think it was that bad except for the fact that in such an environment, losers are like shunned or something. Well maybe not like shunned, but they’re only tolerated, not really loved or accepted or anything like that. I mean, sure, a leader / servant has different requirements, but why should there be requirements to simply be a part of the group? I mean, Jesus hung out with losers. We should too. Not that I’m doing a good job of it myself. Heck, I’m terrible at it.

Sometimes I see people come to a church or fellowship and I see them feel uncomfortable cuz they don’t quite fit in. Like since they don’t dress the right way (at church maybe) or act or say the right things, they don’t feel totally accepted. What’s up with that? Why is it that they need to be the Christian equivalent of “cool” before they can come? Even worse, sometimes it’s like people feel they aren’t holy enough to come. That’s the worst thing. Oh my goodness. I mean, again, there’s a different standard for leaders and such, but for not for people just to come. I mean, Jesus said he came for the sick, not the well. And I’ve always seen the church as a hospital, you know? These people are the ones who should be in the church most, not the least. At least welcome.

You know what I’m saying? It kills me that people might not have the right popularity characteristics to come to a fellowship. That’s so wrong. But I feel it sometimes.

I want our fellowship to be one that people look down upon. Maybe they look down upon it because they think a lot of them “compromise.” Integrity’s a great thing, but wouldn’t it be great if it were a place where people who don’t live the “holiest” of lives still feel welcome and like they can come? Instead of leaving cuz they feel too uncomfortable with all the righteous people around? Or maybe people would think or what a bunch of losers. That would be the best. I mean, my bold claim is that in some sense, the Pharisees of the NT are like the losers or not the most socially popular people of today. I think Jesus said something like, yeah you were invited to the party but y’all were too cool for it so now we’re gonna pack the place with the “losers.” Wouldn’t that be great? So our fellowship is packed with people who are ugly or dress oddly or people who kind of make you feel socially uncomfortable. Without trying to change who they are. Just loving and accepting them. That would be great.

I don’t know why I’m babbling and whether anything is practically feasible, but oh well. Those are my thoughts.

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