I am taking one of the sweetest classes this quarter. I think the official name is Creative Processes in Popular Music Recording. Basically what it is a class talking about pop music recordings and what is cool. The way this works is we examine 8 albums in particular. On Tuesday the guy lectures on the artist and the recording and talks about the innovations and why it’s fly and all that. The recording, I mean. Anyway, on Thursday, the artist comes in and talks about the recording. Pretty cool stuffs. And some pretty cool people are coming. Not the most famous ones, but pretty famous, like the guy from the Carpenters and Bernie Taupin. I think it’s cool.

At any rate, this guy has connections with the industry and today he was talking about the differences between demos and the finished song. As examples, he played the demos of 3 songs that supposedly only 25 people have ever heard before. The first one was Paul McCartney’s demo of Back In The U.S.S.R. That was interesting. Then he played the demo of Like A Virgin by the original writier, who apparently is some short Jewish guy. That was totally interesting. How they got from that to the final song is amazing. Finally, he played the demo of We Built This City (On Rock and Roll) done by the cowriter (I think Bernie Taupin wrote the words) and that was also tres cool. This class rocks.

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