You know, I have really been encouraged by Pastor Harold recently. I just think about all the service that he does for church and it’s amazing. I mean, he flies up straight from school and comes to FiCS for us, and speaks to us, and you know it took some time to prepare. Then Saturday morning and basically the whole day he works with missions training, which is fly. Then Saturday night he leads the Catechism kids, and after that leads the Saturday night prayer meeting. Then on Sundays he has been presiding, and sometimes speaking to the youth group, otherwise leading Bible study. I tell ya, it’s non stop stuffs. Anyway, that heart of servitude really inspires me, you know? Cuz, I mean, we don’t even get to see the work he must have at Seminary. It can’t be easy. Anyway, I’ve just been thinking about that and am reminded how thankful I am that FiCS has been able to have Pastor Harold for us this year. Pray for him.

Anyway, continuing the theme of service… the worship team had dinner last night with Pastor Dave. Anyway, the subject came up with the church-wide cleanup going on this Saturday. As he got into it, I guess I just hadn’t realized the magnitude of the situation. There really is a tremendous need and urgency for all the work that has to be done. Another thing also is this: a big part of Saturday is almost symbolic in a way. It’s about whether the members of the church really care about the church. Now that Reverend Lim is gone, and there’s no permanent head pastor, the need for the members to take ownership of the church (even the building and the grounds) is great. Pastor Dave’s message, on putting God’s house first, was really meant to emphasize this, but I know at least for me, the message didn’t really get through until last night. At any rate, it would be great to show each other how much we really care about the church, by coming out and really helping out.

So the take home message is this – I guess I really want to encourage anyone who’s reading this from KCPC to come out to the church service thing this Saturday. Especially if you’re a guy, as there’s a lot of physical things that need to be done. Anyway, if you’ve always wanted to serve, but didn’t know how or felt there was no need, this is your chance, and it’s an awesome one. Or if you’re only being held back by laziness, please make the effort.

With all that said, I’m afraid I’ll end up looking like a hypocrite, cuz I’m not sure myself if I’ll be able to go (in the morning at least). So like in all things, you don’t have to go, and work is a legitimate reason not to. But if that’s not a concern, please consider.

This my mind might have come off sounding weird, but I can’t stress the urgency enough of really caring for our church in this particular time of need. It would be an encouragement to the whole body and especially the leadership of the church (who always could use encouragement) if a lot of people showed up on Saturday. So if you’re reading, please think about it.

All right. Read Haggai again, and peace.

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