On my mind today is a dream I had a couple nights ago. I was in some dark lounge, kind of like Stern before it was renovated. I was watching some movie on TV with Christina Cho and John Yoon. I can’t remember the movie but I do remember that Christina kept saying, “It’s payback time.” Like every time she said something, she’d finish with “it’s payback time.” At any rate, I ask her and John, “Do you guys want something to drink?” They both say yes, so I am about to go to the vending machine when Dave Hong appears. For some reason, I know that he lives there, so I ask him if the vending machine works. He says yes, but you can only get two kinds. One of those kinds is Mr. Pibb; I can’t remember the other brand, but it was a clear soda. So I get one of each and give them to Christina and John Yoon. Dave joins us and we continue to watch the movie. For some reason the movie is really sad and I start crying, which is weird because I never cry. Then the movie abruptly ends as soon as I start crying, and then I went to the bathroom to wash my face. That was my dream.

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