Haircuts are not easy for a man who wears glasses. I recently needed a haircut and went to Hair and Nails on El Camino. The owner is the infamous Tang, loved by Jimmy Ahn and many others, and considered overrated by Charles Chang among others. In my opinion, he is an Asian male and understands the Asian hair better than most, and he’s been pretty good to me. Anyway, I went there since he left Style N’ Go on California, and he was the only reason every Asian male at Stanford, it seems, went there. Now they all go to Hair and Nails. In fact, I ran into Mike Yoon and Andrew Chiang (who incidentally does not know me) there.

Tang was pretty happy to see me, since he never got a chance to tell me he was leaving and opening this place, but I showed up anyway.

At any rate, I was reminded how difficult haircuts are for me. The process is always the same. They ask me what I want, and I tell them, and then they say to take off my glasses, and from then on, it’s all about trust. I can’t see a thing. I just gotta take on faith that he or she is doing all right, because it’s game over for me. Until the very end, when they finish and I can put my glasses back on.

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