I was fooling around and finding out who is on the fics and fics-chat lists on the Stanford list server. Some of the results were interesting. For example, the fics list includes: Steve Yoda, Dave Wang, Arthur Lee, Kevin Lee (Berkeley), Mike Yoon, Dan Lin, Joann Lee (not jolee), Lynn Wang, Alice Lah, Connie Cheung, Amy Marie Thompson Schultz, Yueh-chwen Lu, Dawn M Adams, Hejin Woo, Jane Wu, Jennifer Ellen Hall, Katherine Liu, Kavita Yang Sarin, Lina Lee, Andrew Kong, Marian Liou, Bernice Yau, Irwin Chiu, Si-Eun Sung, Jenny Wang, and jpc1@acpub.duke.edu. Some of these I think are pretty random.

Also, I think Marcy Komae is on the fics-chat list but not the fics list. Also random.

I also found out we have a kcpc-list at Stanford, which I was not aware of. At any rate, this list contains some totally random people. For example: Karen Joon Kim (e-mail: kojak), Hansen Noh, Claudia Park, Susan Kim, Jen Chou, Kang Ahn, Shaun Loh, Andrew Hsieh, Jean Kim, joonster@leland, and serafina@leland. Actually some of these make sense, but Jen Chou? What the heck is she doing on the KCPC list? I thought that was random.

In fact I did a search of all the lists moderated by the stanford list server. My goodness. Some are very odd. Like there is a e-mail list called “Jesse”. What the heck is that? I found a lot of inefficient things; like every dorm has multiple lists. Like there is alondra, alondra94, alondra95, and alondra9596. Kimball has 11 different lists! You would think they would clean these up. There are a bunch of random Chrstian-sounding lists also. For example, there are lists for apostolics, christian-legal-society, christians, internet-bible-study-fellowship, miracles, and prayer. Some of them are truly random, for example, cigars, dope, inane, hair-list, rage, swatch-users, circle-k, black-panther-party-research-project, and the le-fantastique-miss-piggy-list. There is a “men” list. That must be huge. On the other side of the spectrum, there is a “tmony-fans” list. Why even bother?

I swear that all of these lists exist. So random.

Wow! I just did some more searching and found some interesting stuff. I hope this isn’t illegal. But the “christian” list is mostly people at forsythe.stanford.edu. I’m not even sure what that is, but it’s a big list and that made me happy. The internet-bible-study-fellowship is composed primarily of people not at Stanford. I actually know most of the people in “miracles!” My guess from looking at it is that it’s some sort of IV list, maybe an old Oikos or something. I also know many of the people on the “prayer” list but I can’t make the connection. Interestingly, almost everyone on that list is listed twice, so when you send mail to “prayer@lists” everyone except Mimi Ong will get it twice. But what a random group. Lorraine? Alex Amato? John Yoon? Henry Hsu? Paul Lee? What’s the connection? The “rage” group is very big, which is a little scary. Here’s a weird thing. The “circle-k” list is really big. And the strange this is, I know some of them. I know who Nasun Cho is. Kris Hager is a CS section leader. Linnea Kim is in FiCS. And michaelt was the CS TA for 106B last quarter. But what is the connection? Random. I think men is a Mendicants list. And there are 17 Testimony fans. More information than you ever wanted to know, I bet.

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