You know the movie The Truth About Cats and Dogs? It’s a variation on the ugly person gets beautiful person theme. Like Roxanne. You know, it’s the story where a person kind of feels down on themselves in life because they’re not the most beautiful person in life, but then they find a friend who encourages their inner beauty and then a person of the opposite sex who also recognizes that beauty and chooses that inner beauty over the physical beauty of someone else. One of those stories.

You know, the message of these stories is supposed to be something like “it’s the inside that counts” or that all that matters is that you are beautiful on the inside. And you know, that’s a noble enough idea. But all these movies are just a crock. I mean, in every single one, the not so good looking character is the hero because they have inner beauty, and the movie always turns out well. And we know it turns out well because they end up with the babe / hunk in the end. What the heck is that nonsense. Has that ever perturbed anyone else? I mean, what’s the real message of the movie? It’s you inner beauty that really counts so just wait until you find some hot guy/girl that recognizes that? I think everyone I know relates to the ugly character right? I mean, how many of us really think that we are truly beautiful? I mean, only maybe Andy Hsiao of my friends are justified in thinking that. Anyway, we all relate to the ugly one, and I think in watching these types of movies, we are encouraged to develop inner beauty but then we all hold the hope of snatching someone hot with our inner beauty just like Steve Martin / Janeane Garofolo etc. did. After all, it’s a happy ending only if you end up with someone beautiful. How insidious is that. For once let’s see a movie where 2 ugly people get together. I mean, that’s taking the message to the full, right? That kind of movie would bomb. Because in the end, deep down, we want people to see how beautiful we are on the inside, while we want someone who’s beautiful on the outside. Movies like The Truth About Cats and Dogs aren’t about being true to your inner beauty at all. It’s about everyone’s dream of being an ordinary person who snags a hot girl / guy. Lame.

I wish I understood more about lactose intolerance. All I know is that man, the bacteria in my intestines are loving life right now, and boy, they aren’t afraid to show it. Luckily, it’s only the gas variety, and not the other variety (which I won’t mention explicitly, but it rhymes with “tevere tiarrhea”). At least for now. Anyway, my lactose intolerance farts are very distinctive from my normal farts. They really smell bad. Oh my goodness. Sometimes when I go to bed I know I have gas and I guess I fart during the night and it must get trapped between the covers because when I wake up, I throw aside my blankets and wooey! Spice.

So as you might know, I put on a quote by Mark Moran, who is teaching our Bible Study this summer, on my bold claims page. It’s the one where he says that the Great Commission is recursive. Anyway, it turns out some people from my church, KCPC, who attend Berkeley, are in a class he’s teaching! (Data structures and algorithms, I believe) So they read my page and then when they saw him in class, they go up to him and say, “Are you the one that said the Great Commission is recursive?” Kind of tense, a little, since Mark has no idea how these people know this. At any rate, I think Mark got mad at me. I’m kind of sad about that.

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