I had a really weird dream last night and it’s weirder because I remember so much of it and there are all these random people in it. It started out with like a distance shot of this plane. And this plane looked really weird, because the whole left wing looked like basically earth. It was dirt filled and has some grass and stuff like that. And then there were two people on the wing, on the outside (the plane was flying) and they looked like they were lying on mattresses. And there was a voice, it was that of Eddie Ahn, like he was talking to me, and he was joking that we should make the people on the wing turn on their fans. Ha ha.

And then the scene shifted and I was on the wing, and they weren’t on mattresses at all, but they were standing, and there were three of us, me, Eddie, and Chalie, and I was vaguely aware that we were on a drawgroup trip and that Eli was flying inside and Irwin was with him. And we were just there, kind of flying on the plane, and I was aware that we were heading east, out of the country. But what the trip was like was flying over a succession of fences, and each fence we got lower and lower and I realized something was wrong. And finally we flew over the last fence, which had a river with it, and I vaguely remember Charlie saying that’s some river or other. Maybe he said it was the Potomac. Whatever, I realized that it was the river that separated the U.S. from the country east of us (not that that makes sense) and I didn’t want to get stranded there, as we would have because the descent was so much, so me and Eddie and Charlie pointed and gestured at Eli to turn around and land back in the U.S.

So we turned around and had just enough clearance over that last fence, and we land in like some school. It had a lot of blacktop, like my elementary school, but it wasn’t. Anyway, a bunch of kids come up, since a plane just landed in their school. So I’m kind of irritated that Eli messed up but he comes out and says that there was some problem.

Anyway, the people that come up from the school was random. Among them was Simon Yun, this freshman at Stanford whom I barely know, but he was there. And Christine Ohm was there although she did not say anything and I didn’t say anything to her. Kenny and Eugenie were also there. I said hello to Eugenie, and Kenny mentioned that the same thing happened to him before, all we need to do is go to the store and get some of something or other for the plane to work again. Which I thought was B.S. but I said thanks.

Then the scene shifted and I was with some girl whom I know but I don’t know and it’s not a girl I know in real life. But she was sort of cute but one of those girls that really annoy me, ones that kind of know they are good looking and kind of coquette. Anyway, we had to go get some stuff from the store and she was annoying me because I knew she thought she was cute and that drives me crazy. So I was trying to be rude but she was being coy and it irritated me.

So we get to the store and it’s a Korean market. And I realize I have a carrot in my hand and suddenly become aware that I need to buy carrots and something for my mom to make curry rice. So I look around for carrots but they only have one carrot in the place. They have a bunch of bananas, and I think maybe I should get that, until I realize that they don’t put bananas in curry rice. So I make the girl ask them if they have carrots and she asks them in perfect Korean and they reply no. Then I realize I have broccoli in my hand and become aware that I need to get broccoli but don’t feel like asking for it.

Then I realize that the workers in the store are the moms of people I know. James and Gina Kim’s mom and Jaeik and Jaewoo’s mom. And I tell them that I’ve seen someone recently or something. And the dream ends.

Just for the record, I want it to be known that I started my mind / thought pages, at least at Stanford, and that before mine, I am not aware of any other thought page existing on the Web. Just want to give credit where credit is due, and that credit is due to me.

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