If this makes no sense to you don’t worry about it. But I think the winter festival was held around the winter solstice and was done to appease the gods so the days would get longer again. I think scholars believe Jesus was probably born in the summer, as that was when shepherds were most likely to be outside at night, tending their flock.

St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17.

Last night I was up late waiting for the laundry to dry so I could pack my suitcase and I was watching TV with my sister. I saw 2 of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen last night. One was an episode of Ricki Lake, where they had this “master hypnotist” on. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one of these, but basically this guy gets a bunch of people on stage, hypnotizes them, and then makes them do silly things. It’s pretty funny stuff. I saw this video of one of these once and the guy convinced everyone on stage that they had lost their belly buttons. It was hilarious, they kept looking at their stomachs and looking embarrassed and were looking around on their bodies. Until he told them it’s on their foreheads, and they all felt, and they all looked relieved. It was hilarious. Anyway, one thing he did was convince them that they were master liars and could convince anyone anything they wanted, and it was just interesting what they said. Like one guy said he was Willie Mays, one Michael Jackson, one RuPaul. Funny stuff.

The other show we watched was Politically Incorrect with Bill Mahrer. I’ve been watching this show on and off now for a while and everytime I watch it I just feel terribly uncomfortable. It’s this weird situation where they get 4 random people to come and talk about random topics. And I mean random combinations. It’s tense because people come with such different agendas. Like Naomi Wolf might come with a political agenda, then Gray, that Mars and Venus guy starts spewing his self help junk and John Larroquette just sticks in these one-liners. It’s odd. I saw that combination. Wolf kept getting frustrated because Larroquette and Mahrer kept making jokes and Gray was acting gay, and Larroquette kept looking uncomfortable when the conversation got serious. It’s so tense. I don’t understand the appeal of the show.

Anyway, last night was a repeat of I suppose a famous episode, with the actress that plays Carol Brady, this chick Lakita Garth, Gordon Liddy, and Marilyn Manson. Ohmy! Marilyn Manson sitting next to Mrs. Brady. It just looked odd. And the oddest thing was that in the course of the show, she kept defending Marilyn Manson and coming to his side. So much so that Mahrer once made the comment, “I think we’ve made a love connection!”

Anyway, I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about, Dave, but Lakita Garth was the most annoying person in the world to me and my sister. Her problem was that she talked way to much and didn’t really listen to what anyone else had to say. So she spewed all this junk and in the end made herself sound like an idiot. Or at least annoy everybody there. It was depressing because to me if you watched it, you almost wanted to side with Marilyn Manson, because he said very little and what he did say was thoughtful. I mean, the man is whack, but she yak yak yacked so much that they didn’t get to probe his whackness, he just make little cogent points. I’m still irritated about it.

On my flight this morning the children to total passenger ratio was amazing. There were so many kids on this flight, and each one had an electronic noise making toy or were playing sing-along with each other. Yikes.

You know what I’ve never understood? Mama’s Family. Who the heck likes that show? Why does it exist? It’s amazing how they casted each member to maximize the annoyance effect. Argh. I don’t even watch it but it annoys me that I have to go through it when I’m flipping through channels.

Yeah, I watch a lot of TV when I’m at home. You know what’s a great cartoon? Bobby’s World. I love that show.

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