Today’s the day. I hope you remembered to pray. Thanks again.

So Titanic has just become this massive phenomenon, making the most money out of any movie worldwide, ever. It’s being given the largest release of a Western movie in China now. It’s crazy. Why is it such a phenomenon? That’s something that’s been on my mind. By the way, I found out the the Unsinkable Molly Brown was never so called in her lifetime, but Maggie. Also, if you look at old pictures of her, she looks like Kathy Bates! Creepy.

Anyway, there are multiple reasons why I like Titanic so much. I don’t think anyone can deny that the last hour is pretty powerful, and, I think, profound if you really think about it. Because what it really is is about how people deal with knowing that everything they put their trust in is about to fall. And what people do. It’s really fascinating. Especially after the lifeboats are mostly gone. Death just really fascinates me. Because I’ve said it before, but I think that people really don’t think about death. If you think about it, life is just an extension of what happened on the Titanic, just not as real. Meaning, we all know that we will die, but it’s not an imminent proposition, just somewhere in the back of our minds. Yet that is our destiny, and it’s interesting how we deal with it. Some people just don’t. But when you face death in the face, it’s always interesting what happens. I digged that about the movie.

Another thing I like is how the movie is totally predictable. Does this make any sense? Like in the old days (old meaning the time of the Greeks) the point of a play was not to have a clever plot, since the people were expected to know the plot already. But the play was based on how well it moved the people, the pathos it aroused. At least according to Aristotle, right? I think that’s right. At any rate, I like that idea. Like there are certain movies that are interesting just because they present some sort of twist or surprise or stuff like that. But I like a movie where it reveals from the beginning everything that’s going to happen. And seeing how well, given this, the movie can still interest you. And honestly, I think Titanic did a good job doing this. It wasn’t exactly suspenseful, since you know he will die, she will live and the boat will sink, but nevertheless absorbing. At least to me. That’s another thing I dig about the movie.

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