I am a loser. Today I played John Madden 64. 5 minute quarters. I scored 106 points. Jerry Rice had 1224 yards receiving, and 14 touchdowns.

You know, Dave, when George comes with us, there is much less of a problem.

You know what makes me uncomfortable? Communion at KCPC. the tense part is, they never tell anyone when you should take either the bread or the “wine.” And they use pound cake. Sara Lee, I found out. How random. Anyway, they pray and the elders pass out the bread, and then this is the tense thing, you don’t take it right then. I mean, you look around at other people, to see what they do, and the thing is, everyone just takes it and bows their head to pray. So like, you need to pray too, right? But then, you don’t know when to eat the bread, you think that they would say something or something like that, but they don’t. And you can’t watch other people, since you’re supposed to be praying. Very tense. At least for me. Maybe I’m alone in this. But I never knew what to do, until this year. So I would sit there and pray and wait for a sign, and then I find out we’re getting the wine now. Tense. So I look up and around and no one is holding the bread anymore. I don’t know how everyone else figures out you’re supposed to take it. And I feel bad eating bread while they’re talking about the blood of Jesus. Just uncomfortable.

Another thing is offering time at KCPC. Most of the time, it’s just a piano playing, but since the congregation is so large, it takes a while to get all the money. So what do you do? Just sit there? Pray? The thing is, at KCPC, during the worship service, you pray like 1000 times. Sometimes before praise, after responsive reading, after praise, representative prayer, sometimes for offering, before sermon, after sermon (twice), then the benediction. That’s a lot! Anyway, I don’t know what to pray for during offering time. Do you sing along to the song? So you just kind of have to find something to do. I usually look at the announcements repeatedly reading the same ones. They gotta change this. Maybe sing a hymn during this time.

Also when someone you know sits next to you in the bathroom. Do you talk? It’s just kind of weird. Especially when you have diarrhea and you are making very clear diarrhea noises. Yikes. So sometimes, you just sit there, and someone you know sits next to you, and you know, and he knows, but you just don’t say anything. What the heck do they do at Berkeley, land of co-ed bathrooms?

Also holy people make me uncomfortable. I put into this category, Annie Pan, Albert Shim (somewhat), Kris Song, Dana Yip, kind of Joyce Koo, among others. It’s just my sense of humor is a little different, you know? I always feel like they are just shocked at how evil I am. I just feel so unholy around these kinds of people. Which I am. It’s kind of the same thing with Lorraine, just not a holy thing, more an innocence thing. I really think I shock Lorraine immeasurably. The only thing that keeps her talking to me is my string joke. Explain that to me. She asks me to tell her the joke, which I have dozens of times, and I kill her. Strange.

Also Kathy Yung’s mom. She hates me. Over winter break we had Dim Sum, with me, Kathy, Jeff Sung, Grace Yang, Alvin Chan, and these random Singaporeans Shauna and Nick. And I swear, she had meaningful conversations with everyone at the table except for me. She really hates me.

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