I never get to finish my thoughts. So I didn’t finish the last one. Oh well.

Dave, you accidentally changed one of your preexisting thoughts instead of adding a new one. Oops.

Our draw group motto this quarter is turning out to be “Raca.” We say it all the time. There’s something a little disturbing about that, I think.

I am a dirty dog.

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of random e-mail, and it is all attributable to the Web. A lot of it is coming from the anti-Chai page, where Henry has a form that allows one to send me hate e-mail. At any rate, it used to be all people I know, like “I David Hong, hate you because…” and “I Clara Kim…” “I hate you…” Which I understood. But then it spread to friends and friends of friends. Which was a little tense but I still understood. Then after a while it started coming from people with whom I could not make any connection whatsoever. But they were all Asian, so it was still OK, because I figure there’s some connection there.

Now, after a lull, I’ve been getting a bunch of e-mails from people I don’t know who are white. That worries me. I have no idea how they come across this stuff. Other disturbing things. I got an e-mail a few months ago from a girl in Nebraska or some other flat state in the Midwest who was e-mailing me because she had a bet going with some friends as to whether I was real or not. The e-mails with bad language are particularly disturbing. The worst was one from a guy who wanted to personally send me through a gruesome, painful death because he was doing a Web search on AC/DC, and he came across Kevin’s Awareness Club instead. Comfortable. Also, I get these tense e-mails from people (girls, at least according to their e-mail addresses) that actually want to date me. It is very tense. I thought it was only males on the Internet that were dirty dogs and went searching on Asian girls’ pages to try and form “friendships” or something. But apparently there are dirty Asian girl doggettes as well. I was seriously shocked. I mean, maybe some were sarcastic, but some were just kind of scary. The kind of ones that say, “I like making friends over the Internet; it’s fun!” Sketch factor 10. I don’t know. I’m just uncomfortable with people that want to form relationships over the net. It just strikes me as kind of odd.

Anyway, if you’re white and not from Stanford and are reading this, first of all I am a real person, and secondly, I would like to know what the connection is. Let me know.

Along with “Raca,” me and Eddie are trying to revive the use of the word “moded.” As in, “Dang, you got moded!” Think elementary school and maybe you’ll recall. What does it mean? Eddie defines “moded” as: a facial disgracial. Whatever that means. Speaking of which, I was playing basketball the other day and a guy (about 5’4″) blocked my shot with so much authority and power that it slammed back into my face. George Chong saw it and said, “Danny, is that a Spalding mark on your forehead?” Ouch. That’s a facial disgracial.

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