My most recent hobby has been reading Wonder Years scripts. I highly suggest you read it. Especially episodes 1 and 3. But the first few seasons are all amazing. Here’s the link. And here’s a sample line that is so true. The show is just so insightul regarding the junior high male mind. “The goal at a junior high school dance is to look as busy as possible without actually setting foot on the dance floor.” I love this stuff.

I bought Goldeneye for the Nindendo 64 the other day. I estimate I played it 20 hours so far. That’s just me. Other people play as well. Currently (1:37 AM) Eli, Eddie, Irwin, and Justin are playing. Others that have played include Irving, Cliff, Charlie, Randy, and more. It’s basically constantly on in my room. Ack.

My sister sent me a package today. It was the highlight of my week, which has been not too good, especially after the retreat. But it was for my birthday, which for the record, was March 18. Anyway, it included a card, pants (from San Marcos. $7.50! For J. Crew Khakis! Did I ever tell you how we got Gap corduroys for $0.99? Good story), a mug that says “Don’t mess with Texas,” and a souvenir from the Final Four, which apparently she went to. It was great.

Living in Serra is getting more and more depressing. It sucks. Our RPG was tonight, and every week I hope will be the breakthrough week, when people care. But they never do. Anyway, the most faithful people have been Jieun, Cliff Chen, and Dave Lee. Why am I mentioning them by name? I don’t know. It’s just surprising, you know? Because when you think of the Christian leaders in our dorm, I don’t think these are the names that first come to mind, or you would think of other names first. But these are the most faithful. By the way, if you’re a senior in FiCS reading this, I’m sorry I can’t come out to those things we do but it seems like it’s always planned at the last second and I always have something before. At any rate, I can’t do dinner this Sunday because I made plans to eat with this guy Burch. Sorry.

I’ve been thinking a lot about who to ask to Gospel Night.

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