My mom has recently been into compiling albums from old family photos. It’s pretty interesting to see. The thing about pictures is that it makes you remember the good times and forget the bad times, even the bad times that are happening right now.

Anyway, she saved some letters and cards I had written as a kid and when I read them I nearly died, they were so hilarious. So I thought I’d share them. You don’t get the full effect, since you don’t see the writing and all, but I don’t know, maybe you’ll think they’re amusing also.

This is a postcard sent from Nanchese, NC on Jul 23 1986. I was visiting my uncle and we went to a family reunion.

   Dear Mom and Dad,

     We are in North Carolina right now.
       It is called Outer Banks. It took
     15 hours to get to Outer Banks. Some
     of the people say they know you.
     The first powered flight was here.
     We went to the Wright Brothers Museum.
     There is also a pool which we swim
     in every day. In Ohio, we went to
     a picnic for sceintists and engineers (Korean)
     I miss you a lot. We're going to a Sand
     Dune now. Love,


This is a postcard sent from Sunriver OR on August 23, 1985. My family went to see relatives except for my dad.

       Dear Dad,
     Christine and I have been
     going to a lot of places lately.
     We went to a hacthery, a
     nature center, and a rehearsal
     for a symphony. The conductor
     of the symphony is Korean.
     Almost everybody is eating
     a lot. At the nature center
     there were three owls, two
     snakes, and two toads who
     eat so fast you couldn't
     believe it. Christine got a
     genuine Oregon Thunderegg.
     I got a compass instead.
          Love, Danny

This is a Mother’s Day card. I don’t know when I wrote it.

  Dear Mom,
    Thanks for being a 
    great mom. You deserve
    to have a mother's
    day. Thanks for buying
    the Transformers also.

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