I am in a really good mood. I feel in a way I need to repent because I’ve honestly kind of had a bad attitude about things, about church, and I guess by association, FiCS. It’s just that I had heard a lot of things about how bad things are happening at church and I couldn’t help but let that get to me and give me an impression and thoughts even though I hadn’t been there yet this year and seen things for myself. So I’ve had a bad attitude.

Anyway, if I’ve let that attitude reflect to anyone who might be reading this, I apologize and totally take it back, because I was really encouraged today, maybe more than I have been in a long time. Yeah, it was kind of strange in a lot of ways. I mean a lot of the changes were discomforting. Just the new place, the new atmosphere and acoustics, schedule, and everything is just weird. I just totally don’t know what to do during in-between time, of which there was a lot. Like way too much idle time. 1 hour coffee fellowship? Yikes.

But church today was great. I really enjoyed praise times, both the prelude to worship and during service. I think it was powerful. And I actually really liked my YAG Bible study group. I actually have a desire to get to know them. That was also good. And Bible study was good today as well. The actual study, I mean. And then when we finally had service, service was great. I don’t know, I guess I can’t really say specifically why I had such a great day today, but I went away feeling very encouraged.

And it wasn’t just me. My friend Paul was up here visiting this weekend and he also had a great time. At the end, he just said, that’s a great church.

And I really think it is. I think I’ve taken for granted all the good things about KCPC and gotten sidetracked on the hearsay bad things, but even with all that, KCPC is a special church, and I was reminded of that today. Today was great. I would really want people to come. It was just a really good feeling today, and I’m happy to be going there.

Not that it’s perfect. But what church is. And it’s good that they are changing things. For those who don’t know, it’s gonna be more streamlined, so Bible study is 1:45-3:00, then service at 3:00. No more uncomfortable waiting times, and it’s pretty short. Plus we get to sleep in.

So I’m in a good mood.

Other observations about today. Kris Song is a great worship leader. He just really facilitates worship. And maybe people didn’t appreciate this, but his song selection and everything done musically today was totally appropriate and fitting for the environment. Praise time was great. Also, if people did not appreciate this, we sang Our Heart today, which is in A, and includes an F major chord. Amazing.

Also I thought it was great when we were doing the Apostle’s Creed. Pastor Mark was presiding and he kind of messed up, he started saying the “he descended into hell” part of the creed that we don’t say and it just threw everyone off. That was great.

Anyway, I realize KCPC isn’t for everyone and if you have to leave, God bless, but I think cool things are going to be happening, and I, for one, am excited about it. Peace.

I’ve been websurfing and I came across some interesting things. First of all, Mark McGuire hit 70 home runs. That’s just so insane. No one had ever hit 62 before. It’s crazy.

Another thing, is that both founders of Yahoo!, Jerry Yang and David Filo, are near billionaires. That’s just crazy. They just started what they’ve been doing only a few years ago, and it was just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. That they are near billionaires so soon, doing so little… it’s just strange.

I read this really interesting article. I really admire this guy a lot, used to watch his show in high school. Anyway, it’s thought provoking, and I think good. Read especially point 4. I just fear that we get so caught up in technology with our campus fellowships maybe some of us are losing touch with what’s it’s for or why.

Now I’m looking at Worship Music and on one of the CDs, entitled Salvation Singing, the first track is called “Yay God.” No, it’s not an IVCF CD.

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